Marketing your own home can be a surprisingly time-consuming and challenging process. It is easy to make lots of mistakes. That is why we have decided to share our experience as a property marketing agency and help you to achieve the best results.


One of the biggest mistakes we notice is people not using social media platforms. Most of the times that happens because they think that social media will not bring any benefit. And that is a massive mistake because social media can give you enormous leverage in the market. So if you don’t use social media for advertising your property, you need to listen up.

If you don’t use social media, you miss out on valuable opportunities, and that leads to losing money with empty properties. It’s because social media is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available, and the ROI it’s providing is extraordinary.


When this changes, the results are outstanding. For example, one of the estate agents did shy away from social media, simply because they are not sure where to start. But after learning that 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online, he went all in and saw the highest quality lead results compared to other sources.


Now the next logical step it to know what are the best media channels for advertising property.

Here are the top 5 channels we suggest:

  1. Facebook (Most widely used channel – be where our audience is likely to hang out)
  2. Instagram (Stylish property photos go hand in hand with the most popular types of content on Instagram)
  3. Youtube (Best for visual presentations)
  4. LinkedIn (fantastic place to network with fellow realtors and show off your industry experience)
  5. Pinterest (Very visual channel, showcase the best properties)


And I know this might seem like a lot of content to keep up with all the channels. And I had this problem too until I crossed Gary Vaynerchuk and his strategy on content. In simple terms, you have to use the same content in different ways.

For example, film a video about news in the market, then get that video transcribed and create a blog from it. At the same time, you can make a few stories while filming and take out the audio from the video to upload as a podcast. If you want to learn more about this, go here:

  1. How to grow and distribute your social media content
  2. How to create 64 pieces of content in a day

Look for slides it will explain how to produce a lot of content and distribute it through channels.


Just a few other things to have in mind when you are using social media. Remember to create different kinds of content. You can share success stories, client testimonials, company milestones, industry and market news, tips and ideas.

Try to provide more than a sale, tell your audience about your business story, help and advise people with your expertise, people love to hear a good story, that is what makes you different from competitors and will help them to remember you.