The property market has been adapting to the new trends in consumer behaviour in recent years. It is because the internet and other tools developed to facilitate people’s daily lives impose a new speed on processes, bringing news that can keep you ahead of the competition.


Why should you use 360 ​​images in advertising?

Because currently, without a doubt, it is the best tool for presenting properties on the internet. People who are looking for a house can have a feeling of walking around the property, checking all its details and advantages.


What are the advantages of using 3D tours?

  1. Boosted Booking rates and sales.
  2. Improved customer satisfaction.
  3. Better experience leads to better reviews.
  4. The guest knows what to expect.
  5. Looks more professional.
  6. Gives you an edge on your competition.
  7. Showing off your property on social media.
  8. Gives you a wow factor.
  9. Engages with visitors.
  10.  Accelerates decision making.
  11.  Increases occupancy rates by up to 14%.
  12. Prospects among 18-34-year-olds are 130% more likely to book.
  13. People feel more comfortable visiting the property.
  14. 24/7 access to view the property.

Why adopt the feature?

  • Boosted customer interest

Did you know that the visit time on a website that offers virtual tour is longer? While a page without the tool does not hold the consumer, a website that provides the virtual tour makes people spend more time browsing.

  • More visibility

The virtual tour for properties increases the visibility of the features in your catalogue. It is because the visit is available 24/7. Listings with 3D tour receive 40% more clicks. That is if you list your property on MLS your ads will come out ahead of the competition and will be seen more.

  • Time optimization

Have you ever thought you could give the keys only for those who are interested? The virtual tour makes it possible to qualify genuinely interested people and eliminate 40% of wasted viewings. This prevents your brokers from having to visit a property that does not fit a client’s needs.

  • Greater security for the owner

Have you ever imagined putting your house up for sale and receiving numerous visits while your family still occupies the property? This situation can leave owners extremely insecure and concerned.

The virtual tour for properties brings security to the owner, as visits will be made only by people who have a real interest in the estate. This happens because the property has already been viewed virtually. It reduces unnecessary “come and go”.

  • Competitive edge

Which company does not want to stand out from the competition? The company that offers a virtual tour is ahead of the rest and strengthens itself as a business. By using this tool, you put yourself as the most sought-after option, as it shows the consumer that you are always attentive to technological innovations, and that you are concerned with the experience of visitors. When the buyer decides between the properties that most attracted him, the chances of remembering the units that were offered with the 3D tour is much higher.

  • Visits 24 hours a day

Have you ever thought about being able to view the properties without having to travel and schedule visits at any time of the day? The virtual tour makes this possible since it is available online and at all times.

The use of drones videos, 360 images, chatbots and artificial intelligence are innovations that support companies in their quest to win over their audience by offering convenience, quality and efficiency during the customer’s journey. On the other hand, these technologies optimize brokers’ time, reduces costs and help them close deals faster.