Marketing has to be done wisely. The process will interest the potential customer and uplift your sales.

“Regardless of the nature of the project, the most important thing in real estate marketing is to have a clearly defined strategy,” – Arthur Lohmann. According to case studies, president of The Lohman Organization, one of New York’s leading real estate advertising/marketing concerns. (Click here)

We, Estate Visuals, create professional optical property marketing content in Norwich. We have connected with many estate agents, property managers and investors. Based on our experience and research, we will be sharing some easy ways of property marketing.

Easy Ways to Market your Property

There is a lot of different ways you can market Real Estate. Today we will be discussing 5 of them.

1. Professional Photographer

Quality images of your properties can make you stand out in the marketplace and get more views.

According to Redfin homes with professional images are more likely to sell than those with essential pictures. Studies report an increase in all price points from 5% up to 17%.

2. Virtual Tour

It is one of the best ways to show your property. Customers have the opportunity to visit the 24h online open house, and you will spend less time hosting it yourself. Also, potential buyers will find you more trustworthy.

3. Property Website

Having a website will create more exposure for the property; it will also be easy to share on social media.

4. Open House

It is convenient, saving time way that will increase your chances of selling the property quicker and will reduce marketing cost.

5. Online Advertisement

It is an effective way to monitor your spendings and track the results. Based on the feedback, you will be able to determine which strategies work and which don’t. 

We understand that marketing your property might be scary and confusing. That is why, based on our tips, we have made a property marketing checklist that is easy to follow. Click here to download.

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